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You may ask ‘who are George Weston Foods?’ and if you aren’t involved directly with the corporate world that would be a fair question. Here are two little known facts; 90% of Australians eat one of their products every day of their lives and 75% of Australian wheat is processed and distributed by Weston Miling. This is primarily because 70% of the bakery aisles in both Woolworths and Coles are GWF brands, along with Don KRC small goods and Jasol cleaning products, chances are you have bought or used a product produced by this company. Some of the better known brands are; Tip Top, Abbott’s Village Bakery, Burgen, Mills & Wares, Golden Crumpets, Big Ben, Bazaar, Watsonia, Bagel House, TopTaste, Don, KR Castlemaine, AGB, Weston Milling, Cereform & Jasol. Most of these brands (and more) are sold by the GWF Foodservice division to commercial kitchens, BrandCulture were accountable for creating the definitive set of brand guidelines and brand awareness advertising campaign in conjunction with trade show multimedia reels to promote the offering of this newly formed division.

George Weston Foods was established in 1946 and has prospered since, this strong lineage of excellent food production and marketing has kept GWF ahead of the game in Australia and abroad. BrandCulture were invited to visit two key properties; Tip Top in Chullora is the biggest bakery in the southern hemisphere and an impressive sight to behold with multitudes of lorries in and out of its loading docks every day, and the Enfield milling plant with its giant ‘robotic’ machines shaking flour and hundreds of massive pipes shifting tonnes of flour around the five storey plant with train loads of wheat drop off their consignment relentlessly day and night… you can only imagine the logistics Weston Technologies has to manage and maintain every day. There can be no ‘downtime’ in an operation of this size. This is where the concept behind the ‘string art’ installation in the reception came about; the massive complexity of machines and human resources behind the suited, friendly and passionate executives representing the corporate face of the company who work from these North Ryde headquarters.

BrandCulture were invited to present our work and later that day we were awarded the project. Two pioneering thinkers: John Wardley (Director of Innovation) and Caroline Egan-Strang (then – People and Culture) made the decision to put forward our creative services with the aim to influence and promote the evolving culture within George Weston Foods. The branded environment we created for Foxtel owned xyznetworks was referenced for its unique approach to recognising the multiple stakeholders in the environment and their individual brands. Read more about the xzynetworks project here…

George Weston Foods is made up of seven divisions each containing multiple departments all with bespoke needs of their own. Wendy Lenton (Human Resources Director) previously at Vodafone, was another driving force behind the evolving culture and approved work on the refreshed GWF Identity with subsequent guidelines and associated internal comms collateral. Creating a better place to work was essential for GWF to become an employer of choice (as was the case with our Sydney Water project) and this starts with a strong internal brand with an awareness of its vision and values. Essential when you consider that GWF’s parent company is the corporate giant Associated British Foods Plc, one of the world’s leading food companies.

By mid 2010 George Weston Foods (GWF) were underway in their commitment to move into a new office of nearly 10,000 Square meters. The location of choice was North Ryde on Talavera Road, the location of choice for many of Australia’s well known companies and their brands. The space was secured by Colliers international, a leader in global real estate services, bringing a ‘best practise’ approach to the design of the office environment as part of the evolving culture at GWF.

The George Weston Foods offices at North Ryde comprise of two relatively large floors, each around 5,000 Square meters. The new open plan environment was geared towards the changing mindset from siloed business units into an integrated open culture. Apart from the impressive meeting rooms and breakout spaces, there is a serious commercial grade kitchen that would impress any budding MasterChef! This state of the art kitchen facility is testament to the GWF innovation drive, it not only allows for new recipes and ideas to be explored but also houses a tasting room adjacent to the kitchen. The reception area is generously proportioned and leads you through the heart of the building using an interconnecting staircase.

Approach to the concept

From the reception you are greeted by the floor to ceiling ‘string art’ installation sandwiched between two glass walls, you can see straight through to the reception area from the lift lobby. On the front is the GWF Identity and it’s 6 divisions listed with lines emanating across the wall and tracing the strings inside. Behind the reception you see the Identity recessed into vertical white beams protruding from the wall and just below on the front of the desk it reads ‘The Best Food in the Business’ – the new Brand Positioning line BrandCulture workshopped with the executive leadership team to clearly communicate GWF’s commitment in peoples minds when they come to the office.

The boardroom is covered in phrases taken from a company-wide employee interview programme undertaken initiated by Wendy Lenton to ascertain the general sentiment the workforce had for GWF. There was a overwhelming sense of PRIDE (an acronym for the values; Passion, Responsibility, Integrity, Drive and Empathy) that comes though when you walk the corridors at GWF, the people who work there are committed to what they do and the HR team is making sure they know just how much they are appreciated with an excellent recognition programmes, workplace flexibility and other incentives. The main workplace positioning statement is’ people are our best ingredients’ and the HR team is living up to expectations!

We approached the everyday touch-points in the environment with ‘consumer moments’ in mind, after all they are the life source of the company. The breakouts and study pods throughout the office are adorned with subtle images of consumers ‘in the moment’; East is breakfast, North is lunchtime, south is family dinner time and west is evening snacks.

Every division has a floor to ceiling pin board to workshop its current thinking in the new collaborative work space, printed into the pin boards are iconic images from the brands, a great backdrop and reminder of what their consumers are connecting with. This works in conjunction with vertical signage attached to the power blades (conduit taking cables from ceiling to desk) to identify the start and end of each corporate division, maintaining the sense of pride within the groups.

This project was shortlisted in the Identity/Branding category of the 2011 Create Design Awards and published in the August 2011 issue of desktop magazine also published in APD #7, 2011: www.sandu360.c0m


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