St Catherine’s Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre

Navigating the future at St Catherine’s School Sydney

St Catherine’s Performing Arts & Aquatic Centre

26 Albion St, Waverley NSW 2024
BrandCulture were brought on board to help facilitate wayfinding as part of the first stage of the Campus Master Plan - consisting of the new state-of-the-art Research, Performing Arts and Aquatic Centre (RPAC). This multipurpose facility required a carefully considered signage system that complemented the RPAC architecture and could be rolled out for future campus precincts.
BrandCulture knew that this would require a holistic approach when developing a signage suite, what works for RPAC must be adaptable for the Campus as a whole. The RPAC building is designed to integrate within the existing campus, multiple entries and the RPAC’s relationship with adjacent buildings through interlinked corridors were just a couple of design challenges presented by the new development.

We designed a clean, contemporary and versatile signage system - the natural timber accents complement the interiors - reinforcing a warm, organic nature to an urban environment. A neutral colour palette was used for its adaptability and our directional signage incorporates bold headers to denote location which aid interconnectivity. Playful graphics identify the amenities and offer small splashes of colour against distinct white walls.
Mayoh Architects
Richard Crookes
Singleton Moore Signs
Photography by Tyrone Branigan

2024 Winner SILVER Australian Design Awards
2023 Winner GOLD Sydney Design Awards