Goulburn Performing Arts Centre

Setting the stage for Goulburn’s historical players

Goulburn Performing Arts Centre

163 Auburn St, Goulburn NSW 2580
Ushering in a new era for the community of Goulburn, BrandCulture were engaged to work alongside Brewster Hjorth Architects to help creatively repurpose the historic Town Hall into a new multi-faceted Performing Arts Centre. Given the rich cultural history significance of the site it was important that this old and new meeting place have a voice; a narrative that helps bind the two together, sharing the stories of the past and celebrating the present and future. To do this we designed a distinct and versatile brand to help identify the site and implemented an interpretive graphics package that performs its way throughout the environment.
BrandCulture helps set the scene early in the user journey with a grand identification sign that’s impossible to miss - a striking, freestanding sign that complements its surrounds - the hints of bright burnt orange reminiscent of the heritage facade which is visible through the sign thanks to its unique construction.

Inspired by the architecture the brand identity helps inform the signage throughout the building, single linear forms angled on forty-five degrees draw the eye in and the neutral black contrasts well with the concrete, brick and painted architectural palette.

BrandCulture worked closely to visually capture the narrative of Goulburn as a historical meeting point for our first nation's people, as the user flows through the space, they’re greeted with interpretive graphics, ‘The Players’ - an assortment of misfits, outcasts and local patrons of the past - located in site specific areas respective to their subject matter. These graphics are designed in an expressive, continuous line art which connects to the brand and instils the environment with an inherent theatricality.
Brewster Hjorth Architects