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Creating an integrated transport network for Transport for NSW

Transport for New South Wales

Sydney Suburban and Intercity Train Networks
Since 2016, BrandCulture has worked closely with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) as wayfinding consultants across the Sydney Suburban Train and Intercity networks, as well as the More Trains, More Services program.

As a primary wayfinding partner for TfNSW, we devised wayfinding strategies for each station environment to enhance the passenger experience. We were then asked to adapt TfNSW’s wayfinding strategy for the Intercity South Coast line, which includes historic stations like Bulli and tiny stops like Scarborough. For MTMS, we refined the wayfinding strategy at 11 of Sydney’s busiest stations including Kings Cross, Newtown and Cabramatta.
Each sequence kicked off with a signage audit to help understand local destinations, user groups, site-specific issues and connecting modes of transport. From here, we devised wayfinding strategies to move people seamlessly from one zone to another, placing signs according to zonal planning, pedestrian flow and key decision points.

We especially enjoyed the challenge of implementing signage at the Airport Link stations, which typically funnel thousands of travellers every day. Sydney Olympic Park station, designed by Hassell, was another highlight as new signage needed to be sympathetic to the award-winning architecture. Similarly, at historic stations like Bulli – which opened in 1887 – we modified fixing methods and designs so as not to damage the heritage fabric of each building. Our wayfinding strategies will influence how people find their way around NSW for many years to come.
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