Wayfinding Signage Design

We hardly notice most signs – until we’re lost.

Wayfinding signage design plays a vital role in making places ‘legible’. It’s a specialised field of design that uses pictograms, maps, graphics and language to help people find their way. Lots of these symbols and terminology are universal; others reflect the language, culture and iconography of local communities.

At BrandCulture, we create complex systems made up of dozens of sign types, from pedestrian or vehicular signage to identification signage and directories. We also design building signage, digital wayfinding and statutory signage, which is required by law to comply with health and safety legislation.

Our Wayfinding Signage Design Process

We design all of the information that’s required for a visitor to successfully understand and navigate a space. Sight, sound, touch and smell can all be wayfinding cues in the right context – not just signage.

It’s a strategic process that begins with mapping all external and internal sign locations, and reviewing existing signage guidelines and location plans. Next, we design a suite of wayfinding signage that delivers visitors from A to B as effortlessly and intuitively as possible. We also conduct user journey mapping to test our proposed signage systems in real-world situations. The goal is to improve the user experience based on site observations and audit outcomes.

Things to consider

To create inclusive, welcoming environments, your signage must be legible to people who are blind or vision impaired. It must also comply with the Australian Wayfinding Standards and building codes.

The longevity of your signage system will depend on how easily signs can be updated and installed. In addition to having up-to-date wayfinding signage guidelines, it may be worth investing in a content management system. This will help you track signage updates and removals, and create a database of signage that’s always current.

Efficiency is another reason wayfinding signage design is so important. If you save everybody in a company 15 minutes a week by making it easier to find their way around, it can equate to millions of dollars worth of improved productivity annually.

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