Digital Signage Design

Designing smarter spaces through digital signage design.

Digital signage designers are having a radical impact on how people interact with brands and places. They utilise digital wayfinding to help people navigate from A to B, designing location-specific content to make environments more engaging and inclusive. They also create personal wayfinding content that’s delivered directly to people’s mobile phones.

Whether it’s a mobile app, a digital wall or a live data visualisation streamed to LED screens, digital signage designers can help you design content that optimises your digital signage, screens and wayfinding hardware.

Our approach to digital signage design

When designing digital signage, the part that goes missing is content. There’s no point investing in screens and hardware if you don’t have engaging content to run.

As a result, we create content management strategies for all our wayfinding clients. These plans govern how your digital signage system will be used and maintained over time.

We also help our clients to implement a content management system (CMS) to ensure wayfinding data is always live, accurate and consistent. It’s important to choose a CMS that manages both physical and digital signage, from building signage to digital wayfinding. This makes it easy to identify signs that need to be updated or removed, improving the experience of places.

Things to consider

It’s possible we’re nearing a saturation point for digital screens. Many people are tired of seeing neon screens blaring advertisements at every turn.

Think carefully about the medium, and design content accordingly. One of the key benefits of digital signage is its flexibility. A screen that displays maps and directions can be updated in real-time to promote events, bring your brand values to life, or stream your Twitter feed.

Often, the brand cues displayed on digital signage can be very subtle. We love creating digital graphics that respond to the movement of visitors or visualise your data in compelling ways.

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