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COVID-19 Signage Design

Return to work safely through COVID-19 signage design.

Coronavirus restrictions are easing, but many employees are anxious about being exposed to COVID-19 when they return to their workplace or campus.

To alleviate anxiety, employers will need to use wayfinding cues, signs and posters to remind people to keep their distance. Floor decals, markers and graphics can all be used to ‘nudge’ behaviour and guide people to move through your workplace in new ways.

BrandCulture is working with corporates and campuses to rapidly rethink the layout of their offices. By designing temporary wayfinding systems that reduce the flow of people moving around, we can minimise the risk of contagion, encourage physical distancing and personal hygiene.

Protect your team with COVID-19 signs, posters and graphics

Wayfinding is a specialised field of design that uses pictograms, maps, graphics and language to help people find their way. There are a number of free downloadable COVID-19 templates available from Safe Work Australia and the Department of Health, which are useful for encouraging social distancing within the workplace.

You may need to rethink entry points, communal desks and lounge areas, or limit the number of people entering boardrooms, lifts or kitchen areas, for example. In this case, you’ll likely need a more expansive suite of COVID-19 signs to guide people towards new routes and pathways.

Research shows that people feel calmer when they know there’s a plan in place to get them back to work safely. By familiarising people with COVID-19 wayfinding graphics before they return to work, they’ll know what to expect and are more likely to adhere to new workplace etiquettes.

Things to consider

Employers will need to alter their workplaces very quickly. Simple changes include using visual cues like signs, posters, floor decals and markers to encourage social distancing. Signs should be reassuring yet welcoming, practical yet aligned with your brand’s tone of voice. Avoid alarming messages like ‘Keep 1.5 apart!’ Try something softer, like, ‘Stay apart to stay safe’.

We are working with our clients to survey their employees and understand how different people work and collaborate. This helps us identify areas where people may be most at risk of spreading germs.

When designing new signs, use recognisable shapes, bold colours, consistency and repetition to help shift ingrained behaviours. Getting lost is stressful at the best of times – so keep signs simple to decrease anxiety. Social distancing guidelines may be in place for a long time, so it’s worth designing signs that reiterate your brand values, or compliment your workplace architecture. It may be a good time to invest in digital wayfinding to create more adaptive workplace environments, or a content management system that tracks signage updates and removals.

Your wayfinding strategy will play an important role in keeping people safe when they return to their workplace or campus. If you are interested in using signs and wayfinding cues to get people back to work safely, we’d love to help – send us a note via [email protected]


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