Simplicity meets functionality at ADCO’s Sydney offices

We collaborated with ADCO to celebrate their brand in public spaces inside its Sydney offices with a striking privacy film.

ADCO is one of the oldest, most established construction companies in Australia. We loved partnering with them to design wayfinding and branding for The Canopy in Lane Cove. So, when they needed a graphic solution for their Sydney offices, we were happy to lend a hand.

Our experiential graphics needed to provide privacy to people inside meeting rooms next to a busy reception area, while echoing ADCO’s brand.

We took inspiration from ADCO’s brand identity, a triangle made up of stacked geometric shapes. We experimented with each shape but ultimately we settled on a bracket shape, which felt quite fun and playful when used to create a gradient pattern.

We were also inspired by ADCO’s office setting and wanted our designs to compliment the geometry of the reception desk. We’re really pleased with the outcome, which is functional yet striking. It celebrates the ADCO brand in a very subtle, elegant way.

Designing privacy window films

Privacy window films are a simple example of how experiential graphic design can transform workplaces. We often use them to help embed our client’s culture, vision and values into built environments.

We’ve designed privacy window films for University of Notre Dame Australia, Telstra, Westfield (Scentre Group), KWM and UTS, to name just a few examples. After many years of investing in R&D, we always love developing new and innovative ways to fabricate and print materials for our clients.