Anamorphosis Graphics

BrandCulture are working on a new environmental branding project for Cubic Group where we have taken some of their key projects and applied them to the glass walls of their offices and meeting rooms. Each room has a different project which includes; ATO, Jessie Street Centre, Parramatta / Pinnacle Office Park, North Ryde / Sydney Water

Head Office, Parramatta / Macquarie Bank, King Street Wharf / UNSW Cancer Research Facility etc.

The images are cut out around the key features and line work extended from it to create a further sense of dimension while creating a ‘screen’ on the glass to add slight  seclusion between the 2 sides.

We are in the prototyping stage with materials and testing applications of capacity and colour against the vanceva and clear glass panels, some are up to three meters wide with no joins and this is why most will be cast vinyl cut.

Swiss designers ZMIK worked on the above project for iart International where they enlarged the narrow corridors of the Basel office building using the medium of anamorphosis (a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image). They covered the corridor with line drawings of room interiors, which only line up to make sense from five fixed points in the space. The surreal design consists of black and white wireframe drawings of both real and imaginary rooms behind the corridor’s walls. The design is one that you may expect to see in an art gallery rather than an office building. This leads us into the whole other world of Anamorphosis which I find intriguing and hugely mesmerising. I’ll post more visuals on this topic next week, join us then.

Photographer: Eik Frenzel