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Bringing an old and new community together through heritage interpretation

In the Western Sydney suburb of Granville, Good and Bridge Street recently underwent an urban renewal and we’re excited to share our interpretive signage that was developed in collaboration with our good friends Parramatta City Council and Artefact. 

This side of Granville Station has recently seen high-density residential development and subsequent population rise, and Parramatta Council has responded with major improvements to the main shopping street, including upgraded street furnishings, shading, lighting, landscaping and paving. As the Interpretive Design consultants, we were tasked with bringing the community heritage to life across a few key themes that pay homage to the history of Good Street and its role in the development of Granville as it is today. Our strategically placed signage now provides several thought-provoking touch points along both Good and Bridge Street.

Acknowledging the past to prepare for the future

Specialist heritage advisors Artefact compiled a comprehensive report detailing the area’s history. We studied their findings and collectively identified stories that would form the basis of the interpretive narrative and design outcomes. The objective was to link residents and visitors with local history through a mix of explicit, discoverable, and celebratory elements, creating a sense of place for this growing community.

We achieved this by designing two freestanding totems that would book-end the street, each totem outlining the inception of Good Street including its original name and purpose. In addition, we branded timber street furnishings with old shop names, types of stores and the year they began trading, celebrating the good people of Good Street. We also designed inlaid bronze plaques for the three heritage listed buildings in this portion of the street, which includes, The School of Arts, home to Granville’s first council chambers from 1885-1889.

Lastly, we created a super graphic that spans over twenty-four meters long, divided into nine sections showing Glimpses of Good Street through historical images and striking typography. Fabricated from vitreous enamel panels, this placemaking feature sits adjacent to the railway station, mounted proudly on the fence opposite the entrance to Good Street, setting the tone for this still thriving community.

Building connections

We’ve always championed the idea of strengthening the connection between people and the places they share. The Good and Bridge Street upgrade will provide a foundation for further regeneration within this precinct and our interpretive overlay will serve as a reminder of the storied past from which it was built upon – paving the way for a new generation of Granville residents to connect to their surrounds and create their own memories in this community’s continuous timeline.