Sydney Opera House

A couple of weeks ago Stephen Minning and Gordon Eckel (our Artistic Director and Business Director) were taking a client to Cafe Sydney. The lift proceeded to level 3 where they saw and enjoyed this wonderful model of the Opera House “The Crystal Palace”.

Like a giant jigsaw… The Opera House model was built by the late Bill Lambert has a total of 2500 pieces and was based on 8000 detailed drawings. Mr Lambert, who died in 1988, was a model-making genius. Joern Utzon (architect of The Sydney Opera House) designed the Opera House in 1966, and Mr Lambert was commissioned by the Department of Public Works to build a perfect miniature of Mr Utzon’s masterpiece.

This beautiful perspex model of the iconic building, helped solve some of the actual building’s engineering conundrums.

It took Mr Lambert seven years to build his model, which is 4.5 metres long, three metres wide and 1.8 metres high. Unfortunately Mr Lambert was never able to complete his masterpiece as the government withdrew funding in 1973, leaving parts unfinished.