New Project: Navigating the complexities of wayfinding with HammondCare

BrandCulture is honoured to announce our partnership with social impact pioneers HammondCare. We are helping to design and facilitate the rollout of a refreshed brand and wayfinding signage for aged care homes.

Life is beautiful, complex, precious, and fragile. Every person has a different story. Their lives and their needs are unique. HammondCare believes every person, regardless of their circumstance, matters. So do we. We’re excited to embark on this journey with the Team at HammondCare, delivering best practice wayfinding solutions to support their ambition to set the global standard of relationship-based care, for people with complex needs. 

With our extensive wayfinding experience delivering legible, safe and inclusive environments, we are excited to support HammondCare to implement, adapt and augment the signage across several major sites, support facilities, retail and administration offices.

From humble beginnings

HammondCare has a long history of supporting people in need. Their founder, Rev Bob Hammond selflessly cashed in his own life assurance policy over 90 years ago to buy land to support those in need. Fast forward to today, HammondCare is an independent Christian charity that champions life for every person regardless of their circumstances. A global leader in health and aged care, they provide numerous social services specialising in complex ageing, residential, dementia and palliative care.

Best practice wayfinding for aged care homes

In its approach to health and aged care, HammondCare seeks to innovate and continuously improve. Services are underpinned by an internal program of research that provides an evidence base for best practice care for the sector. Carefully considering how environments welcome and guide families and first time visitors, while being conscious of how the environment helps a person living with dementia feel at home, while delivering a positive user experience is of the utmost importance.

Signage and wayfinding are a key step in every person’s journey, providing clarity, reassurance, and independence. Utilising cognitive mapping, circulatory navigation, and strategic branding principles to develop Wayfinding that is clear and unambiguous. Effective, recognisable, and reassuring information delivered in an expected manner comforts residents they are in a familiar environment and provides them confidence to navigate their surroundings and maintain independence.