Cubic Group Installation

Here is a follow on post from our earlier Vector Graphics and Anamorphosis post. The Cubic Group installation is currently underway.

To prepare for the installation of the Cubic Group project The BrandCulture Team constructed a model showing the linework and how it would appear on each window (see above).

Various materials, such as the perspex

shown above, were used to create prototypes of the windows, showing how the lines look within the office space.

As we were in the prototyping stage, Tony, our Design Director, was testing materials, applications of capacity and colour to be applied to the Vanceva and clear glass panels. As some are up to three metres wide and the client wanted invisible joins, cast vinyl cut was recommended and artworked to hide the joins.

Here are the guys from The Coleman Group installing the test graphics, once the artwork and design was signed off and approved.

Each room showcases a different project, which includes; ATO, Jessie Street Centre, Parramatta / Pinnacle Office Park, North Ryde / Sydney Water Head Office, Parramatta / Macquarie Bank, King Street Wharf / UNSW Cancer Research Facility etc… The images are cut out around the key features and linework extended from it to create a further sense of dimension while creating a ‘screen’ on the glass to add slight seclusion between the two sides.

Watch this space for the finished project…