Does the future of wayfinding involve smart shoes?



Imagine a pair of smart shoes that connect wirelessly to your smartphone’s navigation app, like Google Maps or Apple Maps. In countries where the wayfinding signage is in English, locating your destination is easier, but what if you’re in a foreign country where the signage is in another language?

When smart shoes become mainstream, you’ll be able to key in the location you want to visit or just key the location of your hotel, and at the end of the day, your smart shoes will find your way home without seeming lost and frazzled.

EasyJet is unveiling a prototype called ‘Sneakairs’, a ‘smart shoe’ to help travellers navigate new cities. The technology directs wearers by triggering vibrations within the shoe.

Imagine if soon, your shoes will connect with Google Maps, or wayfinding signage systems in any city, hospital, university, shopping centre and airport, and you could travel the world as is if you’ve been there before.

The runners look great too.

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– By Lucky Huynh