“Set up rules and systems – and then break them”

Above the escalators at Wynyard Station hangs an incredible installation called ‘Interloop’ by architect and artist Chris Fox. At today’s Creative Mornings talk, we learned all about its symmetry and structure.

This morning, our designers attended Creative Morning’s monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community.

Chris Fox, the designer behind the eye-catching sculpture Interloop in Wynyard Station, tackled this month’s global theme: ‘Symmetry’.

He took us on a journey through his design process from ideation right through to manufacturing and installation covering all the complexities in between. His strategy? “Set up a basis of structures, rules and systems, and then try and break them – disrupt them.”

With only 48 hours to install this masterpiece we can appreciate the thought that went into its creation.

Escalators as art

First installed in 1931, the historic wooden escalators at Wynyard Station served Sydney commuters for over 85 years. The now iconic timber-structure has been repurposed and reinserted into the train station – as a sculpture.

“From the first call about the project, I had a vision of the work. I could imagine the floating escalator,” said Chris.

The installation is strategically positioned to align with the new escalators beneath. Sections of the art piece flip around and rotate, disrupting this symmetry.

We love how it crosses the line between fine art and environmental graphics. When designing environmental graphics, we often try to repurpose what was there already to keep our clients’ heritage alive. Interloop repurposes 244 wooden treads and four combs from the station’s original escalators, creating an installation that pays homage to the past, while also, simultaneously, signifying the future.

Bringing our creative community together

We always enjoy hearing about the process behind the beautiful designs we encounter in our city. We especially love Creative Mornings as a forum that brings Sydney’s design community together.

Creative Mornings has been running since 2008, when it launched in New York. Every month, it brings lovers of design together in cities around the world to hear inspiring designers talk, free-of-charge. Everyone is welcome.

We love their belief that a creative life requires bravery and action, honesty and hard work. It’s always amazing meeting others who are driven by passion and purpose, and inspiring change in cities around the world. Thanks for another inspiring talk!