Can’t put a foot wrong

Recently we posted a link on our Facebook page referencing a great piece of collaborative design between German company ASB Systembau and longtime glass manufacturer Kinon Porz. Called the ASB GlassFloor, this interchangeable court serves as a multi-disciplinary sports environment. The advanced flooring comprises of multiple, highly treated and hardened ceramic glass panels, below these sit carefully placed LED lighting strips. The LED strips form the basis of the courts boundaries and markers. The glass is treated specially to offer the same desired effect as hardened wood or other sports flooring so the playing ball doesn’t decide to bounce in obscure ways and the reflection is not a hinderance. The LED lighting can be toggled remotely via the flick of a switch, adapting to sports such as badminton, basketball, indoor soccer or hockey, and handball or volleyball.

This idea is so simple it begs the question why hasn’t it been done before? Like many ideas perhaps it has been conceptualised and thought of, worked and re-worked, funded and not, either way it’s a great piece of design. It opens many doors for environmental design and wayfinding and we are sure that more of this technology will find it’s way into experience design in public spaces. The more we intergrate technology and embrace these opportunities with considered design, the more we will find ourselves being inspired by the world around us!