Archiworld: A-Z

Another publication – Archiworld have recently published 5 of our projects (Mirvac Perth, XYZnetworks, Sydney Water, World

Square Car Park) in their new book: Sign A to Z.

‘SIGN A to Z’, is a sign collection to satisfy the necessity of information on signs that play functioning as an indicator of the spatial culture and modern life. This volume covers not only the signs of the domestic and international spaces, but also the package designs applied to products and envelopes along with their drawings. The body of the book consists of sections classified by titles in A to Z order and also features the signs of recently completed spatial projects to give an insight to the flow of contemporary sign design. The photographs of interior spaces provide readers with better understanding by going further than merely presenting the signs. The included CD contains the materials of the projects featured in the book, helping the general public and the hands-on workers to look at the project with more profound perspective and make new ideas.

Language : English, Korean
Color : Full Color
Cover : Hard cover
Page : 272 Page
Price : US $90, 95000