A love for Fonts…..

Late one evening, one of our wonderful designers was trawling the interweb for a new font for a couple of identity projects he was working on (George Weston Foods and The Red Palace) when he stumbled upon this gem of a website, www.ilovetypography.com.  It’s an amazing resource for all things font related; whether you’re looking for some inspiration, the latest fonts, or font forecasting and innovation.

It was here that he discovered, the Letterbox guys and their ‘circular project’.

The installation piece, a series of 8 beautifully crafted cast iron manhole like covers can be found integrated into the streetscape of Point Cook, Melbourne, Victoria. It’s a collaborative public art piece designed by Stephen Banham founder of Letterbox and artist Christine Eid from TOW.

Through consultation with the greater community, Letterbox were able to create an installation that is playful, adventurous, and educational all at once. They have really managed to grab the pedestrians attention, punctuate their journey, surprise them, make them look twice (it is a manhole after all, or is it something else…) and possibly discover

more about Point Cook.

Well said…!