Breaking all the rules of office Christmas parties



It’s the festive season and once again we are fortunate enough to find ourselves collaboratively celebrating with our “sister company”, PAM Wayfinding.

As you are probably aware, there are a few fundamental rules for Christmas work parties and we can safely say that we broke them all. As the dust starts to settle and apology emails are exchanged we find ourselves reminiscing on the night that was.

After a year of large and diverse projects, BrandCulture and the Mediabank conglomerate boated across the harbour to Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel for a day of merriment – capping off a successful year with champagne and decadent platters of food.After having put a sizable dent in the menu offerings, it was on to the hat parade.


I wouldn’t blame you for assuming that we are all pageantry trained following the showmanship and commitment exhibited by both teams. Whilst all hats are beautiful in their own right, there could be only one hat master.


And here I write, a humble hat queen, feeling that this would be the highlight of my time at BrandCulture if it weren’t for the wonderful and inspiring people I work with and for. They say that the people who stand by you without flinching when everything goes to hell are your family, and that rings strong and true in the BrandCulture family.


From all of us at BC, we hope you enjoy your Christmas parties. We sure did!

– Siobhan Creal