A question for the studio: Where do you find inspiration?

We asked everyone on our team when they feel most inspired and why. From people to places, their answers are beautifully diverse.

Nick Bannikoff, Design Director

So, so hard to pick just one source … Inspiration comes from many people and places. Two artists who I love and seem diametrically opposed are Andy Goldsworthy and Anish Kapoor. Andy is the master of exploring human intervention in the natural world, bringing a layer of order to chaos using only found natural materials. I find his work very meditative and peaceful, full of texture and beauty.

Anish on the other hand is the master of the artificial, using unique forms and materials in unexpected, dynamic ways that challenge how you perceive spaces. Anish’s work is muscular and powerful, but like Andy he is helping you look at the world in new ways.

Stephen Minning, Managing Director

My dog Hendrix. He’s a white retriever and his relentless hair is his confetti for what seems a permanent party. He inspires me to be happy whenever you can 🙂

 Leigh Tinkler, Operations Manager

Hmmm, there are so many different situations in which I feel inspired: my son teaching me a lesson about patience each day, a friend telling me to believe in myself, listening to inspiring stories of all kinds…. They all stem from ‘ a conversation’ of some sort. I love talking to people…. about anything really, hearing their life stories, where they’ve been, what they’ve done, how they managed to overcome huge challenges in life. I am inspired by kind, honest, positive, caring people who live in the present moment. My husband is this and he inspires me every day.

 Julian Frood, Designer

Specific music stimulates me, the right track can make me feel like I could wrestle a bear; it helps me ride into the creative zone. That along with selfless people, history and unlikely friendships between different animals…amongst many other things.

Sara Tononi, Designer

Inspiration many times can come in very unexpected ways. We live in a world full of beauty that we can absorb using all of our senses. I get influenced by anything that stimulates my emotions and memories. Travelling and discovering new cultures, places, arts, music, nature is a massive source of inspiration. When I’m not able to travel in faraway places I like to walk by myself in the city and look at environments from different perspectives and observe people’s behaviour.

Rhianna Field, Designer

I get a lot of inspiration when I’m doing some sort of simple task and my mind has time to wander: on a walk, yoga, cooking or sipping coffee on the balcony.

Elena Dikanova, Client Manager

Stillness. In the stillness of the mind you can get to know all things.

Barbara Messer, PR Manager

I’m lucky to work in a role where I get to interview creative people from all walks of life from all around the world, and ask them lots of nosy questions – I’m inspired by anyone who has a relentless drive to create. I never miss the Sydney Writer’s Festival, there are always a few gems on their program every year. 

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