We won Silver at the Sydney Design Awards!

A proud moment for BrandCulture this week as we share our delight in winning Silver at the 2016 Sydney Design Awards. The awards, held annually, function in a range of categories including Environmental Graphic Design. For this category, BrandCulture has been awarded a Silver for our environmental graphics and wayfinding work for Telstra’s Future Ways of Working. The award itself is a celebration innovation and serves to provide recognition across creative marketplace.

This award celebrates creativity and innovation in the “intersection of communication design and the built environment, and is concerned with the visual aspects of wayfinding, communication identity and brands, information design and shaping the idea of place”.

1.Telstra_FWOW_Entry_Statement(Cover) 2.Telstra_FWOW_Stairclip

Following Telstra’s re-brand to a world of colour and services which better represent the diversity of products customers desired, a complete overhaul of the work-place strategy was undertaken. Telstra Future Ways of Working (FWoW) is a new change that allowed Telstra to expand and foster their industry expertise, further enabling a ‘Brilliant connected future for everyone’. Telstra engaged BrandCulture, to help make this transition a reality. Located at the 400 George Street HQ, a landmark building at the intersection of Sydney’s two busiest streets, BrandCulture successfully implemented a holistic branded environment and wayfinding system to underpin Telstra’s ongoing vision.


Telstra’s series of distinctly defined principles acted as the foundation for the new, dynamic branded environment. The purpose: “To Create a Brilliant Connected Future for everyone”; an environment that felt brilliant and connected, in collaboration with project design partners to ensure the workplace encapsulated three fundamental drivers at every touch point – Colour, Energy and Angularity.


The finishing result is a unique branded environment that connects people emotionally and physically, while conveying a sense of visually enriching elements that seek to complement and further illuminate Telstra’s key vision of remaining connected.