Introducing our Lunch & Learn sessions

We regularly host ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions in which we learn while lunching. Here’s what we’ve been sinking our teeth into lately.

As a studio, we strive to continually improve our talents as designers and leaders. We do this in lots of ways, but our ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions are especially fun because they’re a chance to learn from each other.

At each Lunch & Learn session, someone gives a talk on a topic they’re interested in. Each topic is niche, yet relevant to our work as experiential graphic designers.

Welding 101

If you don’t know the difference between fusion brazing and soldering, narrow gap butts and plug welds, don’t despair. We’re here to help!

Welding is an essential part of the manufacture of a wide range of engineering components. For us, understanding different welding techniques is important because it means we can work with signage manufacturers to design signs that endure. Not only that, we can avoid unsightly seams or bumps that can be caused by different welding techniques.

Pigments and paints

Different paints peel, blister, run or crack. They can be sensitive to UV light or humidity. They can be durable or toxic, scratch resistant or too shiny. Choosing the right paint – and the right application technique – is vital.

Luckily, our resident paint expert has taught us the most durable paints for flooring, columns and super graphics, signage and sign writing. We even know about emerging paint innovations. Vanta black is an incredible light-absorbing, blacker than pitch-black paint. Photoluminescent paint glows in the dark.

Bending and rolling

We’re not talking about yoga stretches here. ‘Bending’ is a manufacturing process in which a force is applied to a material, causing it to bend at an angle and form the desired shape.

Folding is a technique that allows for simple bends and creases. It’s a good technique for working with large sheets without risking surface damage.

Our Lunch and Learn sessions were introduced by Nick Bannikoff, BrandCulture’s Design Director. Nick studied industrial design before moving into wayfinding design. As a result, he’s fascinated with understanding both the macro (architectural) and micro (finite details and industrial design) elements of experiential graphic design. We love sharing our knowledge of how our designs are manufactured because it means everyone in our team can specify the best materials and finishes for our clients.

If you’d like to share your knowledge of design, materials and manufacturing at an upcoming Lunch & Learn session, drop us a note!