The ultimate experience in sight and sound

Last Friday, our designers attended Integrate, Australia’s annual audio-visual and integration trade show.

We spent the afternoon exploring the expansive showroom packed full of the latest digital technology systems in the industry. It was a great opportunity to connect with other leaders and specialists in the field — and let’s not forget, have the chance to test and play around on some amazing new products as they break into the Australian market!

As a studio, we are always on the lookout for cutting-edge innovations in digital technology and how they can be integrated within the built environment. From local experts to tech giants such as LG, Samsung and Sony the opportunities available in this fast-moving industry are endless.

For us, highlights included seeing LG’s premium OLED screens in the flesh. Considered by many as the “next generation of display technology”, their product range includes clear transparent freestanding displays and digital screens as narrow as 3mm. We were particularly interested in the variety of Content Management Systems and all-in-one digital signage solutions. They have the potential to not only enhance the experience of a space but satisfy our clients’ needs (and budgets) too!

Overall, it was a great afternoon. We delved into the world of all things digital. We filled up our knowledge bank. Most importantly, we drew some epic portraits on Technology Core’s large touchscreen table.

We’re inspired and excited to implement some of these up-and-coming products and tools in our future projects.