The future of immersive experiences – Xlab

Our very excited MD, Stephen Minning, is currently in New York for the SEGD 2014 Xlab Digital Conference, on Thursday, November 6, 2014. Call it digital marketing, digital storytelling, or immersive experiences. No matter the terminology you use to describe it, digital technology is dramatically changing the way people interact with public spaces and each other—and it’s driving how brands, institutions, and designers shape customer experience. 

Hush Studios, New York, ExxonMobil installation. Hush’s David Schwarz is speaking at this years Xlab.

Some of this years questions and discussions are – What are the latest technologies that you should consider incorporating into the stories, media, and places you design? Why should you care about how sensors are leading users to more intelligent interfaces? What are iBeacons? How can you create interactions that are more responsive to human behavior, tell engaging stories, and create memories?

Jason Bruges Studio, London, Bloomberg Connects at the Tate Modern London. Jason Bruges will be speaking at this years Xlab.

There are numerous talks from industry leaders and forward thinkers; all committed to showing how technology based design can help connect people with place, environment, brand and culture. These include Jason Bruges, of Jason Bruges Studio, London, who in 2013 created the successful Bloomberg Connects at the Tate Modern in London. Other speakers include David Schwarz, at HUSH Studios, New York, who were responsible for the brilliant and permanent interactive installation that told ExxonMobil’s complex story in a very simple way. Attendees can also hear from Jake Barton, of Local Projects, New York who will talk about – how has technology and the way we experience stories about place shifted the public perception of museums, memorials, and, collective memory?

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