Telstra TET Summit

14.103 Telstra TET Summit 1

With mid year annual trade shows in full force, it got us thinking about a project we did last year for the Telstra Executive Team (TET) Summit.

We were engaged to design an experience centered around ‘activity based’ working environments being introduced to the head office at 400 George Street office. This gave the executive teams a glimpse into the upcoming changes as they roll out a 2020 vision. A new era will see collaboration, productivity and meetings create a connected and active work environment.


The space presented a unique opportunity for a structure to showcase a virtual tour of the working neighbourhoods, a conversation starter.

Images_0001_Image 4

Leveraging from the brand tool kit, a huge 4 meter high hexagon structure was erected. The installation encouraged movement around the physical space, and physical interaction. To start the journey, we created an digital plinth, with NFC technology and as people gathered they were encouraged to place the palm of their hand on the mounted iPad, which would then activate colour transitions through the Telstra spectrum on the hexagonal installation.

14.103 Telstra TET Summit 4

Other opportunities that were executed were the neighbourhood tour touchscreen that downloaded onto your phone or tablet. A wall of 500 images and quotes from TET members who’ve experienced the Future Ways of Working at George Street (via the experiential Lab) were represented on the other faces of the hexagon.

The two day seminar created a platform for questions and impressions with regular updates via the 400 George Street social network platform – Yammer group. The result was a collection of ideas and experiences generated by people who have been part of the consultations, conversations, pop up spaces and Lab activity over the past year, ultimately delivered through a technically edgy and interactive experience.