Have you ever walked past a building and thought one of the following things – a) WOW, b) I wish I could explore inside, or, c) I wonder if there’s a bar in there…?  Well your prayers have been answered by Sydney Living Museums! They’ve handed you the keys to the city for its 10th Sydney Open. On Sunday November the 2nd you can unlock the doors to over 50 of Sydney’s best loved buildings for a day of urban exploration!  

This is a must for architecture, design enthusiasts and anybody interested in Sydney’s rich heritage and great cityscape. For us not only is it an opportunity to admire and appreciate the city from the outside but to understand and explore internally how the building operates and speaks to its inhibators; from the environmental graphics to wayfinding and branding. If you get the opportunity to be involved in this amazing event, be sure to check out the AMP building in Circular Quay where we are proudly involved in bringing their brand to life within these offices.

 Be sure to check out this short video for more information!