Sydney Festival: Our pick of this year’s most immersive design experiences

Sydney Festival: BC's top picks

One of my favorite things about Sydney is the variety in places, people and experiences you come across. Each suburb has its own unique flavor and the delight in choosing which hub you want to experience is the highlight of my weekend. Sydney Festival personifies the eclectic clash that is our glorious city, from Art derived from climate change data to Opera in the Domain, this is a festival that caters to the wonderfully diverse nature of our city.

Sydney Festival: The Beach

We here at BC are fan-girling over New York-based art and architecture practice Snarkitecture’s ‘The Beach’ – a utopian installation of 1.1 million recyclable polyethylene balls that span a 60-meter wide shoreline. Visit this familiar but reimagined quintessential Australian experience and literally immerse yourself in art.

Sydney Festival: Ferrython

If synthetic interpretation isn’t your thing and you would prefer to spend the afternoon near the actual sea then look no further than this year’s Ferrython. Commencing at Fort Denison, watch as the Ferries of Sydney jet around our iconic harbour continuing around Shark Island and then race to the finish line under the Harbour Bridge. Better yet, purchase a ticket to be one of the passengers and you could champion in Australia Day.

Sydney Festival: House of Mirrors

Continuing with our obvious favour of experiential design, our last pick would be Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney’s ‘House Of Mirrors’ (above). Designed to alter and distort reality with the clever use of timber, metal and mirrors, the installation is an altruistic space that will either excite your inner explorer or induce feelings of mind-bending unease!

One thing is certain; you won’t be left wondering how to fill up your weekend with this years Sydney Festival – see you there!