String Art Installation

BrandCulture has just finished an installation piece at George Weston Foods head office in North Ryde and were inspired by this amazing artist – Gabriel Dawe. By working with thread and textiles, his work has evolved into creating large-scale installations and environments that deal with notions of social constructions and their relation to evolutionary theory and the self-organizing force of nature. We were inspired by this use of colour, texture and effectiveness and his search for creative freedom.

www.gabrieldawe.com The images used above were sourced from the cool hunter website

The String art installation recently installed at the George Weston Foods head office at North Ryde. The concept that evolved into the built manifestation, came about after several experiential interactions with the company by a number of us. We then collated and referenced our research into what we understood about the client and what they do as a company and from there we could map out what the brand meant to the people who worked there.

Our primary insight was the complexity of system and process that made the company run were immense and individual but it was the whole, that transpires into the brand. George Weston Foods is a complexed company and it’s many brands and their products are experienced by ninety percent of Australians nearly every day of their lives.

The string art encapsulates this insight in the way it starts as an installation in reception, a five meter glass box as you enter the offices at North Ryde, each side branded. The initial viewing is of the GWF identity and it’s divisions, the reception side shows GWF as a part of the parent company Associated British Foods plc and it’s formidable portfolio of global companies. The sting art then takes a graphic incarnation on the meeting room glass exteriors, to offer an elemnt of esclusion but also signifying a connection to the GWF brand.

We will be adding the other elements of this project soon and will elaborate on other aspects of the environment, please let us know your thoughts meanwhile…