Standing the test of time

BrandCulture - Timeless design

One of the 5 Massimo Vignelli phrases to live by are – We like design to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant and above all timeless. Sounds easy right…? We have always worked on projects with large life spans, projects where the end is 2, 3 or even 5 years down the line. To ensure the final outcome remains relevant and continues to be unaffected by the passage of time we adhere to some basic but vital design principles.

BrandCulture documentation - Striving for the best results

These principles are always adopted at the projects infant stages. It is at this stage where we acknowledge the importance of process and quality of documentation. Ultimately it’s the ‘pretty’ stuff that gets the most ‘likes’. However, behind the scenes we collaborate both internally and with all project stakeholders to conceive plans, processes and a documentation system that is simple to understand and easily manageable during the projects life cycle and well after. Technology is now streamlining these processes, aiding the pursuit of timeless design. Our new physical asset management system (PAM), which enables people to access live, contextual information about their surroundings, is testament to this.

BrandCulture digital documentation (PAM)

Then of course there is the physical manifestation of our concepts and design development. We know the difference between trends and fads, decor and design. With this in mind we continually fight for design solutions that are simple yet functional, adaptable and purposeful. We design solutions that, as time goes on, continually enhance the user experience whether it’s through experiential design, master-planning or branded environments.

Massimo Vignelli - Artwork by Anthony Neil Dart

We are lucky enough to work on a diverse range of projects here at BrandCulture, each one offering a new challenge and in turn a new solution. Whether the project timeline is short or long we always strive to ensure that our creative process, design principles and final outcomes stand the test of time.

As Vignelli says – “If you do it right it will last forever”.