Sara Tononi

Graphic Designer

Sara is an accomplished graphic designer who dives deep into every brief to present concepts that address real business needs. With experience across graphic and digital design, motion graphics, corporate identity and a passion for user-centred design, she is one of BrandCulture’s most versatile designers.

Two years ago, Sara became fascinated by the psychology of navigation, and how people feel when they’re in new places. She joined BrandCulture in 2016 to learn the art (and science) of experiential and wayfinding design, using design thinking to improve the experience of complex urban environments.

A true design enthusiast with experience of the Australian and international market, Sara develops and delivers “on brand” concepts that clients love.

Born in a tiny medieval village called Badalucco in the north of Italy, she spent eight years working in Milan before taking a gap year in Sydney – where happily, she decided to stay.

In life outside BrandCulture, Sara loves learning about everything from the environment, to technology, to step aerobics. She brings a sophisticated approach – and a meticulous eye for detail – to our team.

"I think every experience shapes us as designers, not only our cultural background, but the experiences we have everyday, and I bring this sensibility to my designs."