Julian Frood


Julian joined BrandCulture in 2013 where he’s now one of the studio’s most talented experiential designers.

With creativity in spades coupled with an innate appreciation for design process, Julian realises concepts from big ideas right through to the all-important finite details. He believes documentation is paramount to the finished product and champions quality control and design processes at BrandCulture.

Julian has achieved numerous award-winning results for our clients – he played a key role in creating environmental graphics to support the success of Telstra’s Future Ways of Working program, which won Silver at the 2016 Sydney Design Awards. He also works closely with Transport for NSW executing some of its most significant wayfinding projects in Sydney.

Jules especially loves the challenge of working in the third dimension and brings creative insight, production knowledge and documentation expertise across a range of projects.

Outside the office, he’s a daydreamer, film buff and closet geek who loves rock ’n’ roll and cats.

"Sometimes you eat the bear… and sometimes the bear eats you."