Barbara Beckmann

Senior Designer

With 10+ years of experience as a graphic designer in multiple disciplines across two continents and a very german-like disciplined work attitude, Barbara simply enjoys what she does.

For her, every project is unique which she individually approach with strong concepts and designs, while aiming for the outcome the clients really want. Careful listening and giving even the smallest details her fullest attention is what Barbara believes the service each project deserves.

She worked for clients like Ausgrid, Westpac, Bank of China, and Microsoft.
Originally from Germany, she came first to Australia in 2014 as a traveler – and eventually stayed. Since then she gained extensive experience in experimental graphic design, wayfinding, the construction industry, and the built environment.Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her little family.
Designing for the built environment is like traveling. How fun is it to discover the possibilities and explore aesthetic potentials!