Seeing Lumisty is believing

Our MD, Stephen Minning went to see how Coleman were progressing with the production on our next big project (we can’t reveal who it’s for just yet!). BrandCulture have devised an innovative solution using Lumisty, a 3 layered film which has never been used this way before, specially imported from Japan.

Originally developed for privacy when using ATM machines, lumisty is the world’s first ‘Point of View’ Glazing Film or perhaps the only glazing film that changes from clear to frosted depending on the viewing angle.

Upon first encountering the product, people are often struck by what they think is an optical illusion. Walking past a window with lumisty applied, a perfectly clear, transparent glass surface becomes, in a step or two, partially frosted. Two or three steps later, the same window is completely frosted. Walk backward or forward, and it’s clear again. As the viewer’s angle shifts, so does the transparency or translucency of the film.

On a lighter note, Coleman (who like a challenge!) have an “office hit list” out on their clients at the moment and after Stephen and team BrandCulture came up with the idea of the global map made up of thousands of dots, each dot to be cut and installed on location exactly 45mm apart over an 11m glass stairwell, using the lumisty material, they decided to make Stephen #2 on their hit list. I wonder who #1 is??!!

Check back soon for an update as to what and who this project is for!

To the guys at Coleman – another great job, thank you!