Pink is the new black!


Sydney bus commuters faced the largest CBD transport network changes in over 30 years on 4 October 2015. 


Directing more than 630,000 commuters each day away from their regular travel routine and habits was never to be an easy undertaking. It was a massive effort by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and BrandCulture, who worked in a collaborative partnership to deliver a successful project under tight deadlines. State Transit chief executive Peter Rowley said the plan had gone… “very, very well” and he expected it to continue to do so! (Sydney Morning Herald 06.10.2015)


The feedback so far from the public and TfNSW has been overall extremely positive, with only a few teething problems which were always going to be the case for any project this size. Feedback from one commuter happily reported… “Good planning guys. No one on the bus seemed confused” (Ian S— twitter) and from another, “Credit, then, to the government for having the guts to try something different and, on the evidence of Tuesday morning, not making an absolute meal of it.” (Sydney Morning Herald 06.10.2015)