Live local, think global

We created communication graphics, messaging and selected material components for Nakama, The Global Recruitment Business head quarters in Sydney, which shaped the visitors behaviour and experience in a way that fits with their operational and functional objectives. It also supports their offering as a global network that helps relocate talent around the world.

(Na-ka-ma) is a Japanese word that directly translates to being centred around colleagues, circle of friends, partners, and associates. To support, the companies DNA we designed branded environment graphics that not only express the company’s mission,  but leaves a lasting impression with quirky, bold, typographic statements extracted from the likes of Alice in Wonderland to Oscar Wilde.

Interior upgrades included the opening of the front offices, transpiring into a full height glazed panel entrance to encourage transparency, showcasing the highly specialised network of experts and the energy the team brings together. In support of this new space, we embraced the glass by incorporating super size environmental graphics applied with translucent films. Other new features are a boardroom with a long 16 people meeting table, which offers communal spaces and digital projection. 

How a visitor feels, acts and access any corporate office environment, contributes to their overall experience and with the right messaging and visual language, will make for a memorable and engaging visit.