It’s no joke – corporate culture

A professional walks into an office and thinks, “This is somewhere I want to work”, instead of “oh well, this is somewhere I have to work”.

They got the job and after a couple of months they’re really enjoying everyday in their new found office; becoming increasingly aware of the history, values and vision for the company. Great so far…

They find out there’s a good possibility a transfer is in order, so they talk to their HR contact and tells them they love where they live, really enjoy where they’re working and don’t want to move anywhere. Fortunately the HR contact is aware of the CEO’s vision – to create a stable working environment with happier (more profitable) employees, so agrees that they can spend 4 days working from their current office and only one day interstate. Still looking good…

The employee is overwhelmed with everything going their way and starts to make plans to have a family and settle down. Knowing that starting a family is rather expensive and in order to do so he or she needs to earn more money, they ask their HR contact how they can move up the corporate ladder quickly. A learning and mentoring program is put in place and they excel expectations. Within 5 years they achieve everything they set out to do. Could life get better they think?

BUT then…Actually there is no ‘but then’, this isn’t the joke with the inevitable crippling punch line anymore, it’s the security and culture most corporations offer their employees. Brand cultures that actually ‘walk the talk’ and live by their brand values, appreciate their heritage and are driven by the CEOs vision…

So a customer walks into an office and is greeted by an enthusiastic, positive, well informed employee of that company and thinks “thank goodness I walked into this place.”

It makes all the difference when you interact with people who love what they do. Building a brand culture within your organisation has to start somewhere, be the person who starts the ball rolling, talk to your HR contact, ask your boss, take the initiative and make a real difference in not only your life but that of everyone around you.

Think about your values, think how you can make a difference both personally, socially and in the working environment, then give us a call.