I pledge allegiance to our BrandFuture

We all know the loyalty of mans best friend. Should you take care of your dog it will follow you to the end of the earth and back. They learn from us and we learn from them, they do what we ask (most of the time) and we comply with their requests for food and walkies…It’s this reciprocal connection that keeps the owner and his/her tail-wagger together.

So when it comes to the daily grind, do you feel the connection between yourself and the company you work for? Do you feel like staying together? In an article by Padma Iyer of The Australian, it seems like the answer is no, in most cases. As the title suggests, loyalty is passe, we more than ever seem to be in search of a work place that holds our common interests and values at heart. According to the article a good percentage of employees are itching to get out of their organisations and reach out for another workplace who has a corporate culture worthy of working in or another set of values similar to theirs.

BrandCulturehave always stressed the importance of aligning the beliefs and values of their employees and clients, to that of their own. Whether we are working on a wayfinding project, environmental graphics or branding, it is our objective to ensure we not only exceed expectations but make sure everyone involved are on the same page.

Your values and beliefs are important, they are a critical influence in your day to day decision making so it’s no wonder why, you should want to work for a company that understands and respects them.

The above image is by Seth Casteel, a creative photographer specialising in lifestyle pet photography.