How do you pronounce Biennale?

20th Sydney Biennale
The answer to the question above is irrelevant, the real question here is are you going? The answer to that is…you should, you must, you will! All lame brain washing attempts aside, let us tell you why, and yes we do know it started last month.

Since its inception in 1973, the Biennale of Sydney has provided an international platform for innovative contemporary art, showcasing the work of nearly 1600 artists from over 100 countries. This year the event is celebrating its 20th birthday on Sydney soil, the theme –  “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”, a quote made famous by William Ford Gibson. Make of it what you will.20th Sydney Biennale
Sydney Biennale will provide you with a burst of creative satisfaction and aims to entice your sense of discovery, whether it be at Carriageworks, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Gallery of New South Wales, Artspace or Cockatoo Island.20th Sydney Biennale
So if you’re in need of something different, or can manage to pry yourself away from one of your many screens, we highly recommend you check out the weird and wonderful of the 20th Sydney Biennale.