Glass House Sculpture

A member of our design team, Alex Baldock came across New York artist Tom Fruin’s outdoor sculpture ‘Kolonihavehus’ situated in the plaza of the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen.

The “Kolonihave” concept started at the end of the 19th Century. The first houses were literally sheds that provided temporary shelter. Year after year the owners decorated, painted and worked in the garden until each little “Kolonihavehus” had its own identity. Today there are about 60.000 Kolonihaver in Denmark and more are in the planning. The new generations are still carrying on the tradition of “The little House and Garden”.

Fruin’s sculpture is constructed of a thousand reclaimed

pieces of plexiglass which originate from many sources, including a closed- down plexi distributorship near Copenhagen and the dumpsters outside the Danish Architecture Center.

BrandCulture has been looking at using light and colour throughout some of their upcoming projects including The Red Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.