Site Story_01

In January 2014 the Telstra brand bought to life their new brand strategy, ‘Creating a Brilliant Connected Future for Everyone’. To coincide with the launch, the redevelopment of the corporate space was formed at 400 George Street, Sydney. This lead to a great opportunity to infuse the brand within the physical space and represent a uniquely ‘Telstra’ experience.

Site Story_04

We were engaged to bring the brand to life, injecting personality and creating spaces people would enjoy coming back to. The new world of colour was an opportunity – to better represent the diversity within employees, customers, products and services and by incorporating principles from the brand strategy development phase, creating environments that feel like they are brilliant and connected.

Site Story_04

To accompany the brand elements, we developed the ‘Site Story’ signature pieces. Images were selected that represented local context including past, present and future technology at 400 George Street, long known as a technology hub. The digital canvases were depicted within phone booths tucked away from the main workplace for privacy and treated visually as a contemporary ‘art gallery experience’ throughout the building. Their purpose is to make people feel and be connected on both an emotional and physical level, while also visually enriching people lives and supports the vision for Telstra. It’s HOW we connect.

Site Story_05