Dynamic environments

Every modern office has a breakout space, in this instance it was an area adjacent to the main work area divided by

a half height glass wall. Objective – to make it inviting and inspiring, whilst keeping audible noise between the spaces to a minimum.

We approached the project from both angles; pragmatically we dealt with the sound issue by building in 2 layers of glass, fully sealed and with a hidden tray at the bottom full of silicone crystals to soak up any condensation. Creatively, the image was chosen to represent the communities that Mirvac (the client) creates through their residential developments – two kids jumping off a pier into the water below… at the same time it captures a moment of freedom, surprise and happiness.

If only we could capture the energy and motion from the image… So we looked into children’s animated book covers as a reference… lenticular graphics… by viewing an image through multiple small lenses you see a slightly different part of the image from each eye creating a 3D effect. Obviously we didn’t have multiple lenses, but we had 2 planes to work with and several paths that you can approach the wall from. We adjusted the artwork of the printed image to create the 3D motion effect we wanted as you walked towards ‘The Playroom’. We experimented with colours, application of the image across the two glass planes, widths of printed image and clear space until we found the perfect balance in this environment.

The result is impressive, even mesmerising. The 3D lenticular wall captures your eye from anywhere in the main work area, there is a real sense of movement. It’s intriguing at first then you’re drawn into the room where the deconstructed ceiling and interior (designed by Geyer, Australia) takes you far away from the workspace but few inches away. Time to kick back and have a coffee and a chat, check out the sports results or snag a sandwich.

If you are interested in reading more about this project take a look at ‘The living line’ project we did for Mirvac in Western Australia. This lenticular wall was a key feature in the overall branded environment created for the innovative office which also included environmental branding and wayfinding signage wrapping ceilings, walls and cut into the carpet. Read more…