DMI nightout – Sydney

Last night BrandCulture were participating in the inaugural DMI Nightout Sydney, one of 12 events organised in cities around the world this month.

Gathered for a relaxed evening at COFA were senior representatives from a broad spectrum of design including architects, product designers, graphic designers, academics and more. The evening delivered insights, discussion and healthy debate around the topic of ‘Inspiring, design entrepreneurship (and intrapreneurship): initiative, innovation and risk’.

One of the many questions posed was: What do you think makes the design industry unique in this country?

Many views were put forward around this question but by far the most popular revolved around the notion that Australia is a young melting pot of influences that being geographically distant from many of the design capitals of the world, makes it an ideal test bed for ideas. We’re pragmatic, resourceful and being a comparatively small market means we can respond quickly to trends and challenges… With the world today being so connected, we have a wonderful opportunity and responsibility to embrace and use design innovation to elevate the industry here to a whole new and truly global level.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have your own theory?

If this kind of event sounds like your thing, maybe we’ll see you at the next one.

For those not familiar, the DMI or Design Management Institute is a global body that connects the world’s design leaders to the inspiration, knowledge and community that they need to succeed. Nightout events aim to do this on a local level. For more info including dates for future events, see www.dmi.org