Donation Dollar reminds us how design can change behaviour

This week, the Royal Australian Mint unveiled the ‘Donation Dollar’ – a beautiful reminder of the power of design to positively influence behaviour.

The Royal Australian Mint has launched a limited edition $1 coin that it hopes people will give away – and we absolutely love it. It’s such a lovely example of how design can be used to positively change behaviour. In this case, by reminding people to think about helping others whenever they receive one of these distinctive coins.

Each coin carries the words ‘Donation Dollar – Give to Help Others’ and has a distinctive green centre. It’s the first Australian dollar coin to feature a colour other than gold, while the circular lines symbolise the rippling effect that each donation can make.

The Donation Dollar is legal tender, so you can spend it like any other coin. However, the Mint hopes you’ll consider giving it away at a time when many Australians are doing it tough. You might pass it onto a charity, a local business doing it tough, or anyone you think needs it more than you.

Design with a social conscience

We especially love this idea as it’s been such a challenging year for so many people. In times like these, it’s lovely to have a visual reminder to think of others, and help where we can. It’s all the more relevant in the COVID era now that many people prefer digital payments over cash, without realising how this impacts people and charities who rely on coin donations.

The ‘Donation Dollar’ was conceived by Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne and launched just in time for the International Day of Charity tomorrow (5th September). If every Australian gives one Donation Dollar a month, it could raise $3 billion for charities over 10 years.

So, the next time you’re handed your change, keep an eye out for that little green dot and consider passing it on to someone who needs it more than you.