Blaze & Chill

We are always on the lookout for that something a little different for our projects. When our client first briefed us on their brand principles; ‘Colour, Angularity and Energy’ it reminded one of our team members of an installation he saw in San Francisco whilst passing through the new terminal.

We researched and found Dichroic film, which is an accurate colour filter (think cool sunnies) used to selectively pass light of a small range of colours while reflecting other colours. Dichroic film comes in a mirrored finish that tends to be characterised by the colours it reflects, rather than the colours it passes. An example of this is cityscope urban kaleidoscope’ by Marco Hemmerling a light installation displayed in Cologne, Germany. It deals with the perception of urban spaces, the installation reflects fragmented views on the city and composes a three dimensional image of the surrounding facades. The final shape is related to the site and reacts to the height of the surroundings¬†such as the Central Station and Cathedral. (Check out this spectacular video)

Keep an eye out for this project as it comes online in the coming months!!!