Beam Me Up, Scotty


Colour, form, music and sound. These terms epitomised the BEAMS arts festival. Four years since its inception in Chippendale, the theme of this year’s festival was Phenomena; and it truly was a phenomenal experience. The Chippendale Creative Precinct (CCP) has reinvigorated the once overlooked suburb, transforming it into a community hub and pioneering creative collaboration. Emerging as a destination of the arts, the CCP has established a multitude of initiatives and scattered around side streets and laneways, the festival featured a kaleidoscope of art installations, sculpture, light, animation, live dance and theatre.

I was taken aback by the vibrancy of the community and creative energy that pervaded through the streets of Chippendale.


Personal highlights included an interactive workshop whereby I had the opportunity to build a miniature birds nest, a collaborative story mural of illustrative text and neon-lit life drawings.

A tapestry of communities and stories, I weaved through the minds of Sydney’s most forward-thinking talent, including an intertwined tunnel of recycled t-shirt yarn and glistening lights by Melissa Carey and an interactive installation by Place Associates.

Wedged between historic terrace houses, white-clothed tables lined Little Queen Street like a medieval banquet, encouraging communal dining and socialising. There was even a paleo-friendly menu by 80raw/20paleo to my (culinary) delight!


A celebration of community and the arts in the creative renaissance of Chippendale, the BEAMS art festival continues to transcend the last, into a spirited and audacious highlight of the Sydney event calendar.

Signing off, Rachel.