Be Dazzled

As we posted recently, one of the most exciting aspects of attending SEGD (Society of Experiential Graphic Design) events is the opportunity to meet and collaborate with industry professionals. We can’t think of a better example of this than Nik Hafermaas, who gave a talk on his work at the conference. Nik, a celebrated design educator, has created some astonishing experiential graphic art. Combining customised technology with real-time visualizations, his site-specific installations engage people’s curiosity.



eCLOUD is a digital interpretation of the weather around the world, showing the conditions in cities where flights departing from San Jose airport will be landing. If you visit this site you can see the experimental process by which the team ensured the white LED panels were visible in the bright atrium environment.



airFIELD, developed a few years later, artfully interprets the sweeping lines of the flight paths as planes come in and out of Atlanta airport.



Shown for the first time at the conference was eFLOW, a collaborative project with the makers of Eink. You may remember Eink as the eco-friendly and high fidelity alternative to LED that powers the Kindle reader. They are now adapting their products to the EGD field, and eFLOW achieves this by using motion sensing technology to respond to the movement and density of a crowd with soft flowing changes in hue.


Finally, while were always looking ahead we’re especially interested to see what comes from the DAZZLE project. Any project blurb that includes the text “Nik Hafermaas has teamed up with fellow artists Dan Goods and David Delgado from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs” is sure to lead to something amazing.

If you would like to see Nik’s talk, it and all the other conference presentations are available free to view for SEGD members on the organisation’s website.