The making of the BC superheroes

This week, we shed light on the making of our 2018 ‘BC Superheroes’ Christmas card – a ‘super’ example of our collaborative design process.

Every year, we take turns coming up with a memorable concept for our annual Christmas card. This year, it was Julian Frood’s turn, and he had the idea of personifying Christmas by giving everyone on our team their own superhero alter ego to make our message more personal.

He then gave Sara Tononi the challenge of drawing each person’s alter ego. “To make the idea more fun I started thinking with Julian about what is special about each of us. We listed some of our characteristics and talents and gave everyone special powers. All our powers together form the ‘BC Superheroes’,” she explains.

Next, she started sketching. The idea was to give each person a style that reflects as much as possible their actual selves, add a touch of Christmas, and make each illustration adaptable to different media formats. You can see Sara’s early sketches below.

Rhianna Field then took charge of the animation. “Most of the character’s animations were used to emphasise their superpower. I also tried to keep a similar level of movement across all of the characters,” she says.

“I would have to say that the end result is the product of teamwork, supervised by our super creative director for this project, Julian Frood. He followed us step-by-step to make sure his vision would come to life. It was definitely a team effort, and we’re all really happy with our super alter egos,” says Sara.

Before we go: a recap of our 2018 projects

It’s hard to believe 2018 is already drawing to a close. For BrandCulture and our clients, it’s been another busy year – but we’ve loved every minute.

We’ve been working on fabulous projects for Sydney Trains, Newcastle Light Rail, Sydney Ferry Wharves, Lane Cove Council, Dubbo Hospital, Newmarket Randwick, Oran Park Library and UTS Central – to name just a few. We’ve also landed some wonderful clients, including Forest Hill Chase, the new Goulburn Performing Arts Centre, and others we can’t yet mention. We look forward to revealing more of these projects in 2019!

In the meantime, we wish you an exciting, safe and very super Christmas – with love from the BC Superheroes!