An ode to stillness, surfing, coffee, bubbles, jellyfish and meat pies

It’s never been more important to stay connected and keep smiling than right now. Here’s how we’re doing it at BrandCulture.

Every Friday at dusk, we get together to catch up and unwind. There’s so much anxiety and uncertainty in the world right now, so our catch-ups provide a much-needed escape and a dose of silliness.

So far, we’ve played celebrity head, two-truths-and-a-lie, and most recently, a poetry slam. If you’re looking for ways to stay connected and keep your culture thriving, we recommend all three. You may groan at the thought of a group poetry writing session, but trust us – your talents may surprise you! Just choose one of Simon Mole’s YouTube tutorials, watch one together, hit pause when it’s time to jot down your thoughts, then take turns reading your poems aloud.

Designers turned Instapoets

In 10 minutes, we whipped up the following masterpieces (some are sillier than others). The topic: write an ode to something you love… We hope you like them!


An Ode to Stillness

quiet, calm and peaceful

like a still lake

no sound, no thoughts, empty space


weightless and spacious

free of the world

warm and safe

feels like home


the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders

big smile across my face


An Ode to Surfing

Floating through ripples of light,

Crashing waves on the shore,

Flashes of sea life dancing in the shadows below.

A calm serenity mixed with adrenaline,

as the world drifts away.

Never-ending laps around the sun.

Currently out of reach,

waiting for another day.


An Ode to Coffee

You, warm and fragrant.

You, fluffy and candid as a cloud.

A call from heaven with a clink.

You can make a brain to start and open a window to the world.

Saviour of early mornings and late nights.

I would be an amoeba without you.


An Ode to Dancing, Music, Bubbles flowing French champagne

Pop, jump, wiggly hips, time stops and life never-ending,

Two people met, time stood still, no stress, no pressure just here and now.

Things grew, it changed but still we have the music, the laughter, the bubbles effervescent.

The bubbles can leave, for now not a care, no need or importance – goodbye.

Like a child unaffected, like a moon that lights up the world, like a sun that never goes down.

Life without sound would seem isolated, no music, no laughter, no joy – a bit empty.

Smiling, happy, dancing lover of life and endless bubbles of joy.


An Ode to Jellyfish

Pulsating, shiny & flowing,

Squelching & crunching

Water lapping on the rocks

Nightmares on wax, relax and chill.

Lay back, take it in – scared and wary it hurt.

It got better over time.

An empty ocean with obvious motion

Jellyfish, float by.


An Ode to Darkness

Without you who would I serve,

Air is void and earth ungrateful

The ground parts and you rise

Spirits ride like the four horsemen of the apocalypse

Angel of death, metal, hardcore


Your blood tainted

Tastes like victory and smells like success

Feeding on the souls of the living

The world now at peace.


An Ode to Meat Pies

I’ll never forget the very first time I sank my teeth into you,

Pierced your flaky skin,

Sucked your sloppy innards,

A splash of bloody red.

Nobody knows what’s inside you,

But it doesn’t matter.

Skanky pub or dodgy servo

You always leave me wanting more.