A welcome perspective


It’s no secret here at BrandCulture that we love what we do and thrive on a challenge! Like all our great design jobs there’s always a method to the madness. Our portfolio section showcases all our well considered environments, branding and wayfinding projects however you only get a glimpse of the final product. The scope of work on each job changes significantly and each project poses a myriad of different obstacles. What we as designers find impressive is not only seeing the finished product but how we, you or anyone else for that matter, get there! The design process. Every person, agency, firm or studio have different ways of tackling a brief and there within lies the fun, pain staking, yet very rewarding part. Below is a short paragraph on how we approached the CBA project at Darling Walk and a little insight into our design process. 

BrandCulture wanted to create environmental graphics that mirrored the tone of the CBA brand and their retail experience; friendly, customer focused and informative. Part of the challenge was trying to bring a sense of playfulness and fun to a conservative institution. The zig zag feature wall presented an interesting canvas and was to act as a “welcoming” and exiting message. With this in mind and thorough research and consideration into how the user would navigate the space, the designers sought inspiration as well as a concept from artist Felice Varini; an artist who’s main body of work is based on anamorphic illusions (see image below).

By creating a series of fragmented shapes or graphics on selected three dimensional surfaces we could create a hidden message or identity that could be viewed from a certain vantage point. The idea of implementing such a concept in the environment was exciting and had a level of sophistication found in the CBA brand. To achieve the desired result, and simply summed up, we built a digitally rendered environment and experimented with typography and graphics. Once we had our desired outcome the plan was to build a scale model of the feature wall and overlay it on the architectural floor plans as seen above. 

From the conceptual phase to the finished environments BrandCulture love collaborating with creative minds and harnessing the design process of all individuals. We encourage all designers to follow their own path and explore the ability to fuse what would normally be seen as opposing elements into a unified piece of work where the two concepts work together. If you’d like to view the CBA project in more depth please do so along with all our other exciting work in our portfolio section.