A Bright Future


LED (Light Emitting Diode) Technology is far from new, but advanced production methods, innovative installations and dynamic content is making them the most exciting screen technology around. The first great benefit of LED Screens is that they can be cast in almost any shape or configuration, as seen above from Telstra’s Headquarters in Sydney. Secondly they boast incredible brightness, dynamic range and clarity, which you can see below in Silicon Core’s latest and greatest 1.2mm pitch screen.


The final reason we are loving LED right now is the flexibility in size, shape and pitch (the distance between pixels). The best on the market has pixels 1.2mm apart, giving a crisp, clean image. However, increasing the distance between pixels decreases resolution giving a sophisticated low-fi effect, and with the right content creates a beautiful stylised image. Aesop, Bondi Junction, (below) is a great example of low-res LED pulled of perfectly.